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Simple hairstyles to school for every day

Today, hairstyles to school for gnawing granite science fashionistas delight their abundance. They are not without the influence of fashion, which introduces original ideas into the everyday styling options for children's curls.

Depending on the length and type of children's hair, specialists offer schoolgirls easy hairstyles to school 2019-2020, which can be created in a short time without special skills.

Fashionable hairstyles to school at different lengths of curls most clearly represent the possibility of how to implement lightweight hairstyles in 5 minutes, convenient for schoolgirls, beautifully complementing school uniforms or alternative wardrobe of girls of different age categories.

In addition, hairstyles for girls to school and their variations are very important for caring mommies who monitor the beauty, health of hair, the appearance of their daughters.

So, as simple hairstyles to school 2019-2020 and more complex ones are topical all year round, we decided to offer our readers an amazing collection of examples that are looking for new solutions in creating hairstyles for schoolgirls of different ages.

In our review of beauty and elegance, the most beautiful hairstyles to school are shown, as well as examples of festive children's hairstyles are offered.

Amazing hairstyles to school 2019-2020, which are done as quickly as possible

First, mothers are obliged to know that it is not always necessary to choose the most elegant options.

To make the girl comfortable all day, and her hair does not interfere with her moving and doing her daily activities, you should pick up light and beautiful hairstyles for school that you can do with your hands without special skills.

As a rule, curls are long and medium for schoolgirls, so it is the hairstyles to school at this length that are now in trend.

Of course, any example of hairstyles in school 2019-2020 is a particular technique of styling curls for adult women, however, hairstyles in school will look just as good, and even much more interesting, because children's hair strands can be laid using colorful ribbons, unusual hairpins, all kinds of rubber bands and other devices.

Beautiful hairstyles to school are most often performed without creating excessive volume and stuffing, and not because it is not beautiful, but because it is not worth exhausting the child’s hair with such procedures.

Hairstyles to school are well fixed so that they look neat all day long. Creating beautiful hairstyles in the school for girls, do not need to use curling irons and ironing, choose simple options that will allow you to carefully lay your hair, without resorting to the methods of adult styling.

We also note that when making hairstyles to school for long and medium hair, many mothers, in order to achieve the desired effect, use all sorts of styling products.

Dear mothers, have pity on your daughter's fragile hair and leave these not the most useful, although effective ways for her future.

Beautiful hairstyles to school 2019-2020 in different weaving techniques

Every mother will agree that the easiest hairstyles for girls to go to school, and at the same time very interesting ones, are braids, pigtails, and spikelets.

Both medium and long hair allow using almost all known techniques to create school hairstyles with weaving.

Easy hairstyles to the school on the basis of different types of braids will be able to carefully put both straight and unruly curly locks.

Braids, pigtails and spikelets can completely cover the entire array of hair, and can be combined with loose hair.

Also, braids perfectly complement the hairstyle with a tail, the classic high and low beam.

Combine braids can be different, the main thing is to stick to a simple style, so as not to make everyday hairstyles to school too smart.

Among the leaders of hairstyles in the school for girls confidently took pride of place a traditional spikelet, a curl around it, the so-called French and Greek braids, many braids in one hairstyle, as well as hairstyles based on weaving of braids.

Below you will be able to see unique ideas for braiding a girl's medium and long hair to school.

Tails and tails - amazing hairstyles to girls' school 2019-2020

Undoubtedly, tails and tails can be attributed to a group of quick hairstyle ideas for girls to school, because in order to put the hair in the tail, you need 5 minutes.

Such school hairstyles are appropriate at any age, and for girls at school age is the most.

Most often, girls do high tail on long and medium hair. A more discreet option - the tail with weaving, and the tail with a bow or a bunch of hair are perfect for creating hairstyles on September 1 or the last call.

Many tails in one hairstyle - ultra fashionable idea for the youngest schoolgirls.

And if this hairstyle is also decorated with bright rubber bands and hairpins, your little clever girl will be the most important fashionista in the class.

But we want to warn mummies, some hairstyles with a tail in comparison with, for example, braids lose their neatness faster, in this case you should brush your hair periodically, so the girl should be able to care for her hair.

Original hairstyles to school 2019-2020 - new items for schoolgirls

Like every woman, a little fashionista can ask her mother to do something special on her hair.

Therefore, dear mummies, be sure to stock up with original ideas of school hairstyles, in order to offer your daughter beautiful hairstyles for girls to school in exclusive and unusual solutions, if necessary.

Thus, the usual tails can be combined with strands, hiding the gum under the hair, create a hairstyle with knots of hair, make a hairstyle caterpillar, or a hairstyle with a bun and a bow of hair, a very spectacular fishtail hairstyle.

Ideas of original hairstyles heap. Many of them are presented below, so go ahead and choose the most original school hairstyles for girls 2019-2020.

Sheaf - a classic interpretation of the evening hairstyle in the daily version

Fashionable hairstyles to school a bunch (low and high) are very convenient options, both for every day, and as an elegant option.

Certainly, holiday examples differ from everyday variations in how they are decorated.

This fantasy has no boundaries, because today there are a lot of accessories for different types of hairstyles.

The bundles are well combined with weaving, bundles, knots, and in elegant version with curls.

Fashionable hairstyles for girls in school 2019-2020 on loose curls

If you are looking for hairstyles to school on September 1, children's matinee, the last call, pay attention to the beautiful hairstyles for girls to school for loose hair.

These hairstyles look great on curly hair, as well as on thick hair. Hairstyles for girls to school for loose hair may not be suitable for girls with long and thin hair.

They will quickly lose the neatness of the curls, so it is better to fold thin hair, lifting it up.

Loose hair can be decorated with hair "Malvina", twisted beam, braids and pigtails, spikelets.

Also, loose hair can be decorated with an unusual interpretation of nodules, which looks very gentle and unusual.

All the above mentioned hairstyles to school 2019-2020, like school hairstyles, which we did not mention, will help your daughter to create her unique individual style, highlighting her among other classmates always with beautifully laid hair.

Look and choose how to comb your daughter to school in five minutes, every day delighting a little fashionista with new ideas.

The easiest hairstyles to school

Being a modern mom is very difficult. Especially working mom. Every morning she must have time to do a lot of things: make breakfast, get the children to school and not be late for work. And therefore, she does not always have time to make her daughter, a schoolgirl, have a beautiful haircut.

The main requirements for school hair:

  • Lung and fast fulfillment - in the morning there is always not enough time, and besides, children are difficult to sit still for a very long time.
  • Accuracy - Hair should not interfere with the schoolgirl and distract her from classes.
  • Practicality - hairstyle for every day should be modest, do not use bright large hairpins - they are for the holiday.
  • Preservation his forms over time - hairstyle should not fall apart and be tattered by the end of the lessons.
  • The absence of additional styling products - do not use hairspray or scum, so as not to spoil the hair of young ladies.

The most simple and light in fulfillment there have always been such hairstyles for girls:

  • Ponytail, suitable for almost any hair length and does not require significant effort. Just comb back your hair and secure with a rubber band, barrette or bow. In order to make this simple hairstyle spectacular, use beautiful elastic bands or hairpins. If the hair is very long, do not tail too high. Otherwise, the falling curls will interfere.

  • Bundle - a versatile and neat hairstyle that completely opens the girl's face and keeps her hair well. In addition, the hairstyle looks good, and knocked out hair will not prevent the child from concentrating on learning.

  • Braids - modern braid weaving opens space for your imagination. There are many variants of weaving technique for both primary school age and high school students. Girls of elementary school braids braids tighter so that they do not rattle and do not interfere during class.

Beautiful and simple hairstyles to school

In order for your daughter to look beautiful and stylish, alternate the hairstyles you are doing to her: today braid the braid, and tomorrow you will gather your hair in a spectacular bun. On the basis of the already listed simplest hairstyles, you can create many beautiful options. The main thing is to turn on the fantasy:

  • Combine ponytail and weaving - braid the hair gathered by an elastic band like “fishtail”, “French braid” or “Greek braid”.
  • two tail braid together in one braid and decorate with a bow or a rubber band.
  • two braided pigtails You can combine the ribbon, pulling it through the pigtails, like a shoe lacing.

  • Classical bundle You can make it more playful, lightly combed your hair before you collect it, and release a few strands of it.
  • Align weaving and bundle - braid the braid and make it a "bun", securing the studs.

As you can see, it is not necessary to get up early in order to bring your daughter's hair in order. And do beautiful very hair easy.

Tail turned out

  • comb your hair smoothly
  • collect them in the tail at the nape
  • tie a rubber band
  • split hair in the middle above the elastic
  • Pull the tail up into this hole.
  • tie a rubber band

Tail braids

  • divide hair into two equal parts with a part across the head
  • braid the upper part of the weaving "cone" from top to bottom
  • in the same way braid the lower part, but in the direction from the bottom up
  • tie the hair in a place where the two braids come together
  • comb the tail

Variation on the theme of "waterfall"

  • do the usual tall horse tail
  • separate from the side three thin strands
  • braid diagonally down
  • each time grabbing a new strand from above, release the lower
  • when you make a circle, comb the lower part of the hair
  • braid the second circle, etc., going down diagonally
  • secure the bottom of the hair with a rubber band

Light twisted tail

  • tie a tail with a rubber band
  • moisten your hair slightly to make it smooth
  • divide the hair into three equal parts
  • each part again divided in two and twist them together into bundles
  • connect all three flagella and tie with a bow or rubber band

Twisted tails

School hairstyles for girls should be comfortable and keep their shape for a long time. Otherwise, having run over the break, the restless person will return to the disheveled class. Twisted tails, if firmly fix them with a rubber band, hold out until the evening.

  1. Parting with your hair divided into two unequal parts.
  2. Separate from the most part the strand from the forehead.
  3. Make a tail.
  4. Gum a little pull down.
  5. Split your hair with your finger just above the rubber band.
  6. Thread the tail into the resulting hole.
  7. Separate another strand immediately after the first.
  8. Repeat steps 3–6.
  9. Collect a few more tails.

This hairstyle is more suitable for a little student. Although high school students can add to their image of child immediacy.

  1. Divide the hair into two parts in equal parts. The parting can be not only direct, but also zigzag.
  2. Assemble each part into a high or low tail.
  3. Twist each tail into a bundle.
  4. Twist the harnesses around the rubber bands.
  5. Secure the ends with invisible or bright rubber bands. From the top of the rack can be decorated with ribbons.

Double tails

In little girls, hair often curls. You can use this feature and make the school such a simple fun hairstyle.

  1. Split the hair in a horizontal parting in half.
  2. The upper part is divided into two strands and gather in the tails at the crown.
  3. The hair remaining at the bottom, also divided into two parts.
  4. Attach strands from the top tier to each piece. With the help of thin rubber bands make two tails on the back of your head.
  5. The lower tails can be decorated with bright ribbons, hairpins or bows.

Tails in several tiers look interesting and neat. This hairstyle can be worn to school at any age. True, it is not suitable for short hair. At the temples strands will stand out and spoil the overall shape.

  1. Comb your hair to the side.
  2. Separate two strands from above: one from the top of the crown and the other from the side of the forehead.
  3. A narrow elastic band connect the strands in the tail.
  4. Turn the tail through the space above the rubber band.
  5. Collect on the sides two more strands.
  6. Connect them to the tail with a thin elastic band, grabbing the hair from the upper tier.
  7. Turn the tail through the space above the rubber band.
  8. Repeat steps 5–7 again.
  9. If necessary, twist the strands a little straighten.


To high tail looked thick and beautiful, you can cheat a little.

  1. Gather the hair at the temples and on the crown.
  2. Make a high tail. Temporarily roll it into a bun, securing it with a pin. So it will be more convenient for you to collect loose hair.
  3. From the remaining strands make the tail at the back.
  4. Spread the upper tail so that it conceals the lower gum. For larger volume, the base of the tail can be slightly combed.

This hairstyle makes the hair visually longer.

Pickup from braid

Suitable for straight and wavy hair length to the shoulders and below.

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Separate two thin long strands from the temples.
  3. Divide each strand into three parts and braid the braid.
  4. Transfer the left pigtail to the right temple, right - to the left.
  5. Secure the tips with stealth.

Hair bow

In case the hair is healthy and beautiful, the hairstyle to school should simply remove the strands from the face so that they do not interfere in class. To do this styling better on long hair. Loose tips can curl a little.

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Collect the top of the hair from the temples and from the crown.
  3. Pull the collected strands through the gum, as if making a tail. Twist the gum. Pull the hair through it again, but do not pull out to the end. Instead of a tail, you should have a bundle with a long tip.
  4. Divide the bundle in half.
  5. Temporarily secure each part of the beam with a stealth or hairpin to make it easier to work.
  6. Take the tail left from the beam.Finger gently spread your hair just above the elastic and pull the tail through the hole.
  7. Secure invisible.
  8. Loose side parts and straighten.

As a hairstyle in the school will look very appropriate braids. But, to make a complex weaving, it will take more than five minutes. Any of the proposed styling can be worn not only in class. To quickly make your hair more elegant, add a bright hair clip or ribbon.

Quick hairstyles to school three bunches

Bundle - as you know the most comfortable hairstyle. It is made easy, and most importantly, quickly. The version of this hairstyle is suitable for girls with long hair and short. The hairstyle is located on the back of the head. We divide it into three equal parts and create tails of them. Then we form each tail in a bunch. We pin the hairpins so that it does not fall apart and the hairstyle is ready.

Also, this hairstyle is good because the hair does not interfere. If after class you need to go to such sections as dance, gymnastics, this option is considered the most common in convenience. The hairstyle can be made both on girls from elementary grades and on high school girls.

You can use two options for creating a beam - it is with a bagel and with a rubber band.

With bagel : we place it on the tip of the hair and twist it inwards, reaching the base of the tail, we pin it with pins. Good option for fine hair. The main point is the color of the donut, it is desirable that it is fully consistent with your color.

With rubber: we tie a tail on the crown, then we create a rope and twist it around the tail.
If you can not find a bagel, do not worry, because you can do without it. For the home option will go homemade bagel. In order to make you need a sock, with a trimmed end. We twist it inside and now our substitute is ready. Sock color should also be in tone. Further similar work is done. Make sure that the hair does not stick in different directions.

Classic knot

For this installation will be enough for a maximum of two minutes. We divide the hair into two partings: upper and lower. Our tail will be on the side. We tie the parts on the knot, so, 3 times. You can leave it that way, or you can do it until the hair runs out. Then tie a rubber band. If you want to look unusual and colorful, you can add a ribbon to the weaving, and attach it to your hair right from the start.

Greek bundle

You can use a slightly simplified version of creating a nice bunch. For this we use the Greek technique. Some girls are convinced that this kind of hairstyle is created only by a professional hand, but it is not. With the help of the wizard, you can create more complex variations, and the beam can also be done at home. For the result to be successful, the length of the hair must be slightly below the shoulders. The beam will be located on the back of the head. Therefore, we first make a low tail. Then pushing the gum from the neck, scroll through the hair through the hole. Fix the ends in the so-called pocket.

Video lesson

If you have managed to allocate more time to your hair, you can add complexity. At the beginning of the side zones or turn into braids, or into harnesses.

Quick hairstyles to school for long hair

For girls with long hair will need more time to play hair. There is a huge amount of styling, for more options include spit. They look more practical for owners of long hair. But now they are not only convenient, but also popular.

Three braid pigtail

Every day no girl will be able to walk with standard weaving, every beauty wants diversity, regardless of age.

Here is the first option how to diversify the girlish braid. Divide the head into 3 parts. Braiding them
parts on the spikelet, if you have bangs you can weave it, or not touch. Each part is tied with a rubber band. The middle pigtail should be located on the back of the head. Then we pass the side braids into the links of the middle braid. You get an unusually beautiful weaving. It will be able to hold on throughout the day and not spoil a wonderful view. Add a little accessories and the usual everyday hairstyle will turn into a refined holiday.

Second option hairstyles performance.

Spit in the shape of a heart

Those mothers who know how to weave French braids can take note of this option. Itself will be difficult to perform this hairstyle. It is very important that it be made evenly. To do this, divide the hair into an equal part. Then we trim the crown part. We take hair from the crown side (about the parting) and begin to weave a French cone with grabs. Gradually approaching the back of the head and also grab the rest of the hair. Similarly, the second side is performed. For beauty, you can straighten a little spit. In the end, we continue to weave the usual braid or tie a tail.

Tail wrapped oblique

  • collect low or high tail
  • secure it using a small rubber band
  • separate the side of a small part of the hair
  • weave a thin braid out of it
  • wrap the obtained pigtail elastic, thus hiding it
  • secure with a hairpin or stealth

Small bun

  • split the hair into two equal parts
  • tie them in low or high tails
  • secure with thin rubber bands
  • twist each tail tight
  • wrap harnesses around rubber bands
  • fasten each bun with a bright rubber band or decorate with a special mesh

Light beautiful tails

  • zigzag parting, dividing the hair into two sections
  • make ordinary tails
  • separate strand from each tail
  • weave a thin pigtail out of it
  • wrap rezinochki it, which are attached to the tails
  • secure braids with invisible hairpins

French braids with a tail

  • split hair in half
  • from each temple towards the center braid French braids
  • tie a common tail at the junction
  • make a hole in the hair above the rubber band
  • pull the tail into this hole from top to bottom
  • secure with a hairpin

For girls of junior classes

  • Funny tail - make a high tail, separate a few strands and weave from them thin braids, which fasten with small colored rubber bands.
  • Spit - braid the French braid around your head, moving from the temple, and decorate with a small bow or crab.
  • Beams - weave braids from two tails and wrap them around the base, fasten them with stealth.
  • Spider line - From the front of the hair, make 3 tails and fasten them with colored rubber bands. Then each tail split in two and the resulting strands are connected with the main hair with elastic bands, thus moving to the back of the head.

For middle school age

  • Strand Bundles - make two upper beams and release thin strands from their base.
  • Braid on the sides two braids and insert their tips at the base of each other.
  • "Basket" of flagella - divide hair into a parting. Take small strands near the forehead and temple on the right side and twist the flagellum. Catch the bottom strand from below and twist the flagellum inside. Gradually, picking up the lower strands, reach the back of the head, occasionally fastening hair with hairpins. In the same way, collect the hair from the left side. If desired, you can decorate the hair with decorative hairpins.

For high school students

  • In greek style - A very simple hairstyle, which is done with the help of a thin bandage, in which the strands of hair are wrapped.

  • Side beam - Collect the classic bundle not at the center of the head, but at the side. Pull out a few thin strands, giving the beam a slightly “shabby” look.

  • "Iroquois" of flagella - make a side parting and twist from thin strands two parallel flagella at the temples. Tie up your hair or braid.

Hairstyles for long hair to school

Long Hair requires special care, but the owners of such hair can afford a lot of different hairstyles. You should not go to school with loose curls, they will interfere. Better try to make your daughter such hairstyles:

Option 1

  • braid two braids on the sides
  • one braid lay above the forehead
  • the second place a little further
  • lock them invisible
  • put a thin ribbon or decorative pins between the braids

Option 2

  • braid the side braids
  • just as in the previous version, lay the braid on your forehead
  • fasten the second pigtail over the back of the head, forming a “wreath”

Option 3

  • bundle hair
  • pull several strands out of the base of the beam
  • braid pigtails
  • put the pigtails on top of the beam in a circle through the same distance from each other
  • fasten them, turning down to the base

Option 4

  • collect hair in the tail, not stretching it to the end at the last turn of the gum
  • divide hair into two equal parts
  • push them to the sides, securing stealth
  • the remaining tip of the tail close the middle
  • tilt it down and fasten
  • you made a nice "bow"

Option 5

  • in the center of the head make three tails in the direction from the crown to the head
  • twist each tail through the hole in the hair above it
  • end of each tail loop in the next

Hairstyles for short hair to school

Increasingly, mothers and their daughters are choosing practical for school. short haircuts that look beautiful and stylish. Hair does not interfere, to take care of this hairstyle is easy, it does not take much time to lay. But to walk every day with the same styling sometimes annoying. Diversify and make her more elegant can be using different accessories:

Of course, the listed jewelry should not be large - it will look coarse on short hair. In addition, on short hair interesting and original will look like:

  • Parting zigzag shape - more suitable for girls average and older age

  • Little ones tailsdecorated with bright bows - for younger schools.
  • French weaving from the forehead towards the temples.

  • Side "spikeletin which the strands are not woven into the braid, but remain loose - it looks spectacular on smooth hair.

  • On the basis of a haircut "Square" - rim of thin braids over the bangs or flagella, fastened at the temples with hairpins.
  • Loops from the tails, the tip of which remains tucked into the gum.

Hairstyles with flowing hair to school

No matter how beautiful and well-groomed a schoolgirl's head of hair, go to school with loose hair after all it does not follow. They will fall on the eyes, school desk or notebook, thereby preventing the girl and distracting her from classes. But if you still can not wait to boast curls, listen to the following advice:

  • Hair must be absolutely clean washed overnight or morning.
  • If your daughter has a lesson schedule physical cultureit is better to choose a hairstyle with collected hair this day.
  • Choose a hairstyle that removes hair from face, leaving them on the nape in loose form ("Malvinka", "Dragon" from the temples and forehead).
  • Use beautiful headbands, hairpins, crabs, small bright scarves.
  • You can do bezel of thin braids, plaited on the temples and thrown over one another.

  • Effectively looks bright on hair handkerchiefwrapped around the head. This hairstyle is more suitable for adult female students.

  • Do not use on children's hair electrical devices for laying (forceps or ironing). If you want to make daughters curls, take soft curlers or paper pads.
  • Equip your school daughter with a hairbrush, hair ties, or barrette so that she can to correct hairstyle or stab interfering curls.

How to make yourself a haircut to school?

Sometimes mom doesn't have enough time to make her daughter beautiful hairstyle. Therefore, schoolgirls need to learn how to style their hair. by myself. Even a little girl can make a simple tail or a pigtail. The main thing - beautiful hairpins and gum. And having read our tips, it will not be difficult to make more interesting and elegant hairstyles to school:

Hairstyles for high school students to school

Students the elders classes are almost adult girls who devote a lot of time to their appearance and carefully follow fashion trends both in clothes and hairstyles. It is not easy to please them, but we hope that the types of simple styling we have proposed will like Your adult daughters.

Short hair

The basis of a beautiful and fast styling on short hair is a good shape haircutsTo diversify You can use it with a beautiful hoop or silk scarf. Make the hair more naughty and a little hooligan will help the effect of wet hair, which is easy to figure out using gel or foam

Medium hair

Strictly, but at the same time elegantly, various bunches look. If the hair is not very long, you can make such a bundle with a special Dummy - "donut":

  • wear this accessory on the finished tail
  • spread your hair over it
  • secure below

Highly beautiful and stylishly looks ordinary tailwhose base is wrapped with a strand of hair from its bottom. Do not lose relevance and nodulestied with a tail and decorated with a beautiful hairpin.

A hairstyle in style retro will make the image mysterious and will look very neat:

  • lightly rub the front of the hair over your forehead
  • put them back
  • make a high tail

It looks interesting and so styling:

  • make three or four partings
  • twist the harnesses from each part of the hair
  • collect them in the side tail

Long hair

High school students with long hair can afford a huge lots of variations on the theme of braids, beams, etc.

Option 1

  • comb the hair into a parting so that one part is in the center, and the other is slightly off to the side
  • from the hair of the central part, collect a simple bunch
  • braid from another part
  • oblique wind the beam, securing stealth

Option 2

  • parting hair
  • strand of hair on one side flip over to the opposite side
  • picking up a little hair, braid the braid not tight
  • connect it with the rest of the hair
  • make the tail side

Option 3

  • tie a high tail
  • weave a pigtail out of it
  • shape the bun by wrapping the braid around the base
  • take a thin ribbon and pass one end into stealth
  • using it as a needle with a thread, make “stitches” around the bunch in your hair
  • start “stitching” from the back of your head, and finish at the same place
  • tie a ribbon bow

Option 4

  • divide the hair on the back of the head into three parts
  • braid three of them
  • wind each around your base
  • secure with studs

Option 5

  • parting horizontally
  • braid two braids one above the other
  • roll out of each "bump"
  • secure

Hairstyle with weaving to school

Always stay fashionable and relevant hairstyles based weaving. This is not surprising: such styling is practical and neat. It's not only decorationbut also reliable way fixings head of hair: weaving by the type of “spikelet” or “dragon” you will not only add beauty to your hairstyle, but also remove hair from your face.

"Fish tails","Waterfalls", "French", "Greek", "Wreaths" - having mastered the skills of their weaving, you can vary styling from everyday to festive or romantic. Hairstyles with weaving suitable schoolgirls any age: and first graders, and adult female students.

Remarkable options for undergraduates weaving options "French" in the shape of:

  • Watermelon - weaving is performed on partings that go down from the top of the head. The ends of the braids are fixed with elastics and stacked in the form of a wreath around the head.
  • Tartlets - weaving starts from the crown in a spiral, and on the temple is fixed with a bow.
  • Little hearts - from above, 2 braids start to weave in the shape of a heart, connecting them subsequently into one.

Teen Girls will give lightness and mystery combinations braids with flowing hair or bunches. Slightly stretching thin strands of braided braids, you will give your hair more free and careless style. Do not forget consider that tighter braiding is obtained worse on freshly washed hair.

We hope that our tips helped in choosing hairstyles to school for your loved ones of daughters. Remember that the key to life of success in many ways is confidence in itself, which is laid back in childhood.

Hairstyle №1

Tail - the most versatile solution with hair for every day. But it can be made unusual. Gather the hair in a low tail. Separate the strand, and the remaining ends of the thread in the gum, to get the collected hairstyle in the form of a semicircle. Free strand beautifully wrap the tail. Laying looks volume and elegant.

Haircut number 2

Many prefer to wear long hair collected. So they look neater and provide comfort. Athenka will help to collect hair in a beautiful hairstyle. This is a soft bezel that is worn over the hair around the entire circumference of the head. Strands that flow freely from under the bottom of Athena, one after another threaded into the rim. A spun elegant shell forms at the bottom.

Gather a piece of hair in the classic "Malvinka." Then separate the strand on the right and left, stretch them over the tail to the opposite side and tie it with an inconspicuous elastic band.

Again, on the right side, separate the strand and pass it into the middle of the newly formed lateral tail, extending outward from the left side. There is also a strand of knit tail. Cover your gum hair. You can repeat these manipulations several times to make more weaving. At the end, give the formed hair volume, slightly pulling the strands.

For school, and suitable high "gulka." Just make it bulky. And at the back, decorate your hair with a beautiful bow. With such a composition on the head, any girl will look older, and her hair, collected in this way, does not interfere and is securely fixed for the whole day.

№5. This hairstyle can be easily made to itself. Dissolve hair and side parting. On the far side of the parting, start weaving an inverted braid, weaving a thin colored ribbon into it. Strands do not tighten the spike. Dovelet to the neck and let the hair fall off further. And give spit volume, slightly releasing the strands.

№6. School fees take a lot of time, which is why moms especially appreciate fast hairstyles. Gather the hair in a low horse tail. Thread it through the elastic inside the tail and pull it from the bottom. Then twist the loose ends into a “roll” and pass into the tail. Secure with studs or one barrette.

Photo: Fast hairstyles to school

№7. If a girl has long hair, then it’s better to go to school for a whole day in a strong hairstyle. Alternatively, take a strand over his forehead and tie a thin elastic band. Then begin to weave a volumetric braid to the neck. There, from under the spikelet, make a tail so that it grows out of a braid.

№8. To get ready for school in 5 minutes, divide all hair into two parts with a smooth parting in the middle of the head. Behind the strands form buns. Decorate and fix the bows. This hairstyle looks cute and carefree.

№9. If you want to create an effect of slight negligence on your head, weave around the head circumference, starting from the right ear. Finish weaving on the opposite side and twist the loose ends into the “bun”. Decorate hair bow.

№10. Spit - a popular solution when creating hairstyles for girls. Only braid it through the lateral circumference of the head and in an inverted manner. Finish up to half, and then tie a rubber band. Loose ends should be in the form of a tail.

№11. A bob haircut should not condemn its owner to permanently loose hair and the absence of hairstyles. To prevent the front strands from reaching your face and not interfering during your studies, make a side parting.

Photo: Hairstyles for short hair to school

On the side where there is more hair, begin to weave a spikelet, separating each strand threaded down. So the hairstyle will look clearly shaped. On the back of your head, pull off the braid with a rubber band, and let the tail with its loose ends merge with the rest of the strands.

№12. This hairstyle can be done alone or with outside help. Separate a large strand in the middle of the head and braid a regular braid from it to the nape. There form a horse tail. Wrap free base around it. Give the tail volume, combing or winding strands.

№13. To decorate the head of a little fashionista and mischievous women can two volume buns in the form of semicircles. The hairstyle is somewhat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse ears. Divide all hair on a par in the middle of the head. Form two high horse tails. Thread each tail through the gum, making a semicircle. Wrap the ends of the legs with loose ends. Decorate one of the “ears” with a bow.

№14. The easiest hairstyles to school are made from malvinki. Just try not the classic version, but twist the side strands with cords and fix it with a bow on the back of the head.

№15. If you can’t get even simple pigtails, then you can always collect hair into two high horse tails. This is a typical school hairstyle. Especially she goes to those who have long, beautiful and thick hair.

№16. Spikelet not only creates a neat hairstyle, but also securely fixes the hair for the whole day. Therefore, he is in great demand among schoolgirls. True, independently weaving it is inconvenient and it is better to enlist third-party help. Make it side and dovelet to the very end. Try to perform a tight weave, so that hair does not fall apart throughout the day.

№17. For loose hair, separate the two side strands, leaving the main amount of hair in the middle. From the side strands make two braids. Hair, which remained loosely falling down in the middle, tie at the very bottom in a small tail. Then tighten it with a roll and studs lock at the base. Carefully lay the side braids over the “roll” one upon the other. Also secure the studs. Get a romantic and cute hair.

№18. The ponytail is a versatile, fast and simple hairstyle to school. But not all go combed back hair and no parting. Therefore, separate the two foreheads with your forehead, place them in the desired parting and fix them on the sides with pins. And decorate the remaining hair in a high horse tail.

No. 19 To make a ceremonial hairstyle, separate the thick strand in the middle of the head. Weave a spikelet, performing bulk "stitches". Then collect the hair above the ears from behind in Malvinka, connecting with the end of the spikelet. Let the rest of the strands fall freely on the shoulders. You can even their "iron" for the hair.

№20. This option is also suitable for a festive hairstyle. Separate the part of the hair to the left and begin to weave an inversion spikelet. Fly it to the bottom and pull down the stitches slightly to make the spikelet bulky. Tie the free half of the hair in a ponytail, put on a special soft elastic band, with the help of which it is easier to form a volume bun from the strands.

Photo: Easy hairstyles for girls to school in 5 minutes

Because of its negligence, this hairstyle is hardly suitable for every day, but for a special occasion it can be done. Gather a rubber band strand over your forehead. Just below make the same tail, grab the end of the hair from the previous tail. Take the side strands and pass them through the hair between the first and second tails. So move down until there is a small end of hair. Decorate your hair with flowers.

№22. To add originality to everyday hairstyles, braid a ponytail on the side. But before you collect it, make a beautiful weave from the opposite side of it, which will lead to the base of the tail. Just take two strands and interlace them with one another, moving in the opposite direction and picking up new strands as you go.

No. 23 Even a standard tail can look unusual if you make it from the side and stretch the free end through the base. Beautiful curls will turn out, and the tail will, as if appear from under them, below.

№24. Not always in schools, loose hair is welcomed and according to etiquette it is customary to collect them in a hairstyle. But here you can cheat a little, if you like to keep your hair free. Dissolve them. Separate the side strands and make pigtails. Put them on the back of your head with beautiful weaving, fixing with invisible studs. From under the braid the rest of the hair will fall free strands.

№25. Diversity in the routine of daily school hairstyles will help original, fervent horse tail. It's simple - after the hair is collected in the tail, put on it at equal intervals a few more gum - as much as the length allows. Make these shaped, divided parts of the tail bulky.

Photo: Beautiful hairstyles for 5 minutes to school

Tail - Spit

Another kind of beautiful, and most importantly practical hair. He combines both tail and pigtail. It is made easy. We divide the hair into two parts: upper and lower (the tail will be on the side). From the top of the tail do, and from the bottom - a braid. The final step will be the tail braid. We fix the invisible and hair ready. The tail can be screwed on curling iron or curlers for the festive evening. This option is suitable for gentle natures, it will be especially well combined with a small accessory.

Greek Pricher

Another version of the Greek hairstyle - with a bandage. Great for long and medium hair. We put a bandage on the head and the lower strands are twisted in turn. You can give your hair a slightly casual look. The dressing should be chosen according to your taste, but if for the daily version it is best of all simple, it should not squeeze the head too much. Otherwise you will not be able to go with her all day.

Quick hairstyles to school for short hair

If you can not make a pigtail with short hair, it does not mean that there are no more hairstyles. A sufficient amount with bright elastics, tails, rims or ribbons, with which the hair from the face easily removed.

Hairstyles for girls 9 - 13 years

On some days, the girl wants to be especially beautiful and attractive. This may be her birthday or matinee. In this case, you can allow some kind of holiday styling, or even air curls.

Original weaving

There are many weaves that will be suitable for special occasions. But for this it is worth getting up early and give the hair more time. But as they say "beauty requires sacrifice," and if your daughter really wants to be the prettiest of all, you will have to suffer a little.
So, what are weaving?
All weaving consists of braids:

  1. French
  2. Fish tail
  3. In the fall
  4. Braids from 3 - 7 strands
  5. Ribbon pads

If you study several types, you can easily bring the beauty of your daughter, and you can’t not repeat yourself, but do your own thing.






Of course, from the curls a lot of harm, but if you do them not often, but on special days - do not worry. You can use curling and curling curly hair, and you can try to achieve curls with foil, and it does not take you much time.

Watch the video: 10 EASY BACK TO SCHOOL HEATLESS HAIRSTYLES 2 - 4 MINS EACH!! (November 2019).